Sport 39 Contributors

The Long and the Short of It
Winners of the Unity Books / Sport Competition

The Best Story Over 10,000 Words
Lawrence Patchett, The Road to Tokomairiro
The Best Story Under 1000 Words

Kirsten McDougall, Clean Hands Save Lives

Allen Curnow at 100

Terry Sturm, Allen Curnow: Poems of a Christchurch Childhood
Vincent O’Sullivan, Uninvited Tribute: Eight Uneasy Pieces
James Brown, What the very old man told me
Bill Manhire, The Schoolbus


Bill Manhire, From an Imaginary Journal
James Brown, ‘I can’t wait to hear myself read’: The T.S. Eliot Prize Shortlist Readings, 2011
Emma Martin, The Mind’s Eye
Sarah McCallum, Apophenia


Cate Palmer, In Search of X
Sylvie Thomson, Brothers Blind
Pip Adam, These Days
Amy Head, The Kitchen Pig Smokes the Mousketeers
Rose Collins, Pieces
Melissa Day Reid, Old Faithful
Susannah Poole, Road Trip
Louise Wallace, The Night Cyclists
Lynn Jenner, If You Want to Find Land
Bernadette Hall, Delphie
Frankie McMillan, Hungarian Lessons
Chloe Lane, Fancy Dress
William Brandt, Broken

Joan Fleming, Wake
Li Bai, Three poems translated by Baziju
Aleksandra Lane, Five poems
Geoff Cochrane, Three poems
Brent Kininmont, Three poems
John Newton, Railway China
Andrew Johnston, Saudade
Catherine Vidler, The Poem Garden
Tim Upperton, Five poems
Medb Charleton, Two poems
Ian Wedde, In memory of my great grandfather Heinrich Augustus
Jenny Powell, Two poems
Bob Orr, Three poems
Peter Bland, Two poems
Chris Price, Three poems
Marty Smith, Emphysema for Aunty Gwen
Sarah Jane Barnett, The Geographer
Ashleigh Young, Three poems
Lynn Davidson, Three poems
Helen Heath, Graft
Hannah Newport- Watson, Eione
Anna Jackson, Four poems
Helen Rickerby, Nine Movies
Johanna Emeney, Three poems
Elizabeth Smither, Three poems
Lynley Edmeades, Two poems
Helen Lehndorf, Wabi-sabi
Kate McKinstry, Three poems
Rhydian W. Thomas, Cold War Games
Tom Weston, Penitential Villanelle

Anastasia Doniants

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