Sport 46

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Sport 46
New Zealand New Writing 2018

Edited by Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall & Ashleigh Young

Published by Fergus Barrowman in association with Victoria University Press

Cover: Elliot Elam

ISBN 9781776562343
A5, pbk, 330 pages, $30
Publication: 7 November 2018

The print edition is available at RRP NZ$30 from good bookshops or directly from Sport.

List of contributors

Read free samples from Sport 46

Bill Manhire: Three poems (from 1992, 2004 & 2007) (or download as a PDF)

Anthony Lapwood: ‘Blue Horse Overdrive’, a short story (or download as a PDF)

Pip Adam: ‘Andy—don’t keep your distance’, an essay (or download as a PDF)